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  • While we recommend that you use a professional to prepare your tax return, we realize that some will still wish to file on line themselves in order to save some money.
  • For those who wish to do that, we have provided a link for FREE online filing of our 1040-EZ at the bottom of this page.  Other forms are available at a low fee.  While we have researched this company as thoroughly as possible, Heritage Income Tax Service, Inc. can make NO guarantees about the company, the product or the service.  They do, however, have their own guarantees.
  • Before you click on that link, we urge you to learn more about the dangers of “do it yourself” tax preparation and learn some tips for online filing by cllicking on this line.
  • After reading the information on that page, it will return you to this page so that you can link to the company below.
  • The linked company provides any guarantees related to the online filing process.  Upon clicking on the link below, I understand that I will leave the Heritage Income Tax, Inc. website and will be redirected to another company’s website.
  • Any fees that you may incur will be paid directly to the linked company and NOT to Heritage Income Tax Service, Inc.
  • Since this is a service of another company, Heritage Income Tax Service, Inc. provides NO service, NO follow-up, NO counsel, and NO advice related to taxes prepared through the online filing process.  If you should need these items, Heritage Income Tax Service, Inc. will make them available for a separate and additional consulting fee.
  • The fee structure for filing online using the linked company’s online filing system is as follows:
    • You’ll file your Federal AND State return for FREE if you have a simple tax situation. Millions of taxpayers qualify for a free return.
      Generally, this includes:

      • Single or married
      • No children or dependents
      • Taxable income less than $100,000
      • Claiming the standard deduction
      • W2 wages, salaries, unemployment income, or taxable interest under
      • Taxable scholarships, fellowship grants, tips, or Alaska Permanent
        Fund dividends
      • Earned Income Credit
    • You’ll pay$19.95 if your life is a bit more complicated. You know – kids, investments, child care, college, home ownership. Generally, this includes:
      • Children and other dependents
      • Investment or retirement income
      • Family size, child care and education tax breaks
      • Itemized deductions, such as real estate and property taxes, state income taxes, charitable donations, mortgage interest, and medical expenses
      • Tax credit for retirement savings
      • Deductions for educator expenses, moving expenses, alimony paid and IRAs

      Add your state return for $14.95

    • You’ll pay $39.95 if you’re self-employed, such as a freelancer or contractor, or have other less common forms of income. Generally, this includes:
      • Self-employment income and related business deductions
      • Taxable income over $100,000
      • Rental or Farming income
      • Partner or Shareholder income issued on Schedule K-1
      • Beneficiary income issued from an estate or trust on Schedule K-1
      • Unreported tips
      • All other less common income sources, credits and deductions

      Add your state return for $19.95

By clicking on this line, I certify that I agree to the terms and conditions above, that I wish to leave the Heritage Income Tax, Inc. website, and go to the online filing website referenced above.

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