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8 Reasons why you should consider using Heritage Income Tax

  1. Credentials– While approximately 95% of all tax preparers have never been tested by the IRS to determine their knowledge and skills, ALL of our preparers have.  The process is called becoming enrolled to practice before the IRS and is similar to an attorney becoming licensed to practice before a court.  This process requires substantial testing as well as a thorough background investigation.  Since it is an extremely difficult process, very few tax preparers wish to take it on.  It is in the taxpayers best interest to use an Enrolled Agent.  Here is why:
    • They have been thoroughly tested.
    • They have undergone a thorough background investigation.
    • They can represent you at audit even if they did not prepare your tax return.
    • They can represent you at appeals before the IRS.
    • They are required to undergo continuing education every year to stay on top of the changing tax laws.
    • They are the only nationally licensed tax practitioner.  Attorney’s and CPA’s are only licensed by their state.
    • Learn more about Enrolled Agents by clicking on this line.
    • In addition to being Enrolled Agents, our preparers have all completed the prestigious three year program of the National Tax Practice Institute and are each now designated as a “Fellow of the National Tax Practice Institute”.  To learn more about the National Tax Practice Institute, click on this line.
  2. Experience – Even our least experienced tax preparer has 16 years of experience.  You will NEVER be dealing with a novice tax preparer at Heritage.
  3. Privacy – Many tax offices meet with you in open office areas where others can overhear your private affairs.  You meet with your tax practitioner at Heritage in a private office behind closed doors.
  4. Guarantee – Our written guarantee is the best guarantee in the income tax business.  You can read the entire guarantee by clicking here.
  5. Best of Portsmouth – Every year since 2008, our clients have voted us as the Gold winner in the “Tax Service” category for “Best of Portsmouth”.  Learn more about how we became the “Best of Portsmouth”.
  6. Our clients love what we offer – Read their comments here.
  7. Professional Service – We are members in good standing of The National Association of Tax Professionals, The National Association of Enrolled Agents, and the Virginia Society of Enrolled Agents.
  8. Affordability – We pride ourselves in offering an affordable alternative to the national chains as well as tax attorneys and Certified Public Accountants.  It really is true that, “The best does not have to cost more!”

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Heritage Income Tax offers a full range of tax preparation services. Located in Portsmouth, Virginia, we serve the entire Hampton Roads area including the cities of Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Suffolk, Newport News and Hampton.