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IRS Problem Solving


tax burden solutionsLocal “Face to Face” help for:

  • Back Taxes?
  • Non-Filed Returns?
  • IRS Liens?
  • IRS Levies?
  • IRS Wage Garnishments?
  • IRS Seizures?
  • Payroll Tax Issues?

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Len Boush, EA

Michelle Dail, EA, VP

At Heritage Income Tax Service, Inc. you deal “Face to Face” with people you can sit down and talk to. You can even see our pictures and read our biographies right here on this web site and know who we are before you ever come in.

We offer the following solutions for your tax problems

  • We file your back tax returns!
  • We negotiate terms for your past due taxes!
    • Payment Arrangements!  The IRS has made it very easy to make streamlined payment arrangements for those who owe them less than $50,000.  If you can afford to make a monthly payment arrangement to pay the IRS in full, this is an easy fix.  For those owing more than $50,000, it is more involved but still available for you.
    • Offers in Compromise – This is for those who can only pay part of what they owe.  Those who qualify can literally settle for pennies on the dollar!
    • Currently Not Collectible Status – This is an arrangement for those who simply do not have the money to pay the IRS anything at all.  For those who qualify for this, the IRS STOPS harassing you!!!
  • PENALTY ABATEMENT:  This kind of solution is an IRS plan in which the IRS removes some or all the accumulated fees and penalties from the taxes owed.
  • IRS LIENS? Stop them from happening! Let us help you get them removed if you already have one!
  • IRS LEVIES? Stop them from happening!  Let us help you get them removed if you already have one!
  • IRS WAGE GARNISHMENTS? Stop them from happening!  Let us help you get them removed if you already have one!
  • IRS SEIZURES? Stop them from happening!
  • PAYROLL TAX ISSUES?  Fix them before they get worse!

We are Enrolled to practice before the Internal Revenue Service and can represent you to protect your best interests. In most cases, you never have to go to the IRS or speak to them again. We go to the IRS for you!


It only gets worse the more you delay.
Let us help provide you with some PEACE OF MIND today!

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