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Thes comments come from a survey that invited every client to write down their feelings about Heritage Income Tax Service, Inc. We made it a double blind survey in that we not only did not require anyone to sign their survey (although about half of them signed it anyway); we also provided postage paid pre-addressed envelopes for the surveys to be returned. We wanted honest feedback and felt clients would be more comfortable “speaking their mind” if they could do it anonymously.

We were extremely pleased to find that there was literally not one single case of strong negative feedback and less than 2% of the surveys said anything even remotely negative.

The vast majority of the surveys were enough to make us blush. In fact, after reading the comments recorded here, I fear new clients may feel we are perfect when we are just as human as anyone else.

I have excerpted a limited number of comments below to try to provide a general feel of what our clients think about us. All of these surveys are on file at the office and available to read. At the bottom of this page there are also the results of some specific questions we asked ALL of our clients. We were very blessed with the scores received on these questions.

Note that the comments have not been edited in any way, so there may be some grammar and spelling errors, but that’s because they’re from real people just like you and me.



  • Very nice people
  • At home, not rushed atmosphere.
  • Every year my husband and I dread the yearly task of filing our taxes as so many of do. Heritage Income Tax Service provides not only a service but a wealth of information in a friendly atmosphere. We have been associated with Heritage for about twenty years. If we need any type of information or help for our business they have always been very competent and professional.
  • Heritage is a good neighbor in assisting you get through the details of getting through the necessary evil of either parting with or in some cases getting back over taxation. If you can believe it, it’s a pleasant experience.
  • Pleasant, courteous, patient, attentive, persistency in “getting it right”, easy to work with, a wonderful spirit. I would recommend! Thanks!
  • Kindness, consideration, professionalism.
  • Warm atmosphere – non-stress filing – superb knowledge of preparer.
  • I’ve been having my taxes prepared for several years now at Heritage. I am quite at ease. It is good to be known. Heritage is very orderly, efficient, quick, friendly and accurate.
  • The personal touch and professional service is always received each year. I will be back next year.
  • I look forward to having my taxes prepared yearly by heritage Tax Service. The expertise and knowledge is always helpful in preparing for the next year’s taxes. I appreciate having a professional business in my city I can depend on. I would recommend your service to associates and friends.
  • The help we received when the IRS questioned a previous year’s return and wanted us to pay money we didn’t owe because the IRS made a mistake. Heritage explained everything to us and the IRS and Heritage persisted till the IRS accepted the explanation.
  • I dislike the travel distance (from Virginia Beach), but we will continue to drive.
  • Very good service – reliable company – great people.
  • I really appreciate the fact that they were willing to take their time to explain and talk to others on the phone, with us present, and get the necessary information that we needed and waited for the tax papers so that we could finish doing our tax preparation that same day.
  • Everyone was nice and very knowlegable.
  • They are a good group of people. They are friendly, have a good attitude and I think they are doing a good job.
  • With so many “BIG” commercial companies, I believe God is showing how important it that you do not have to be in the world but that you can be different (atmosphere – language) and still be successful (the Best of Portsmouth), and glorify God.
  • Fast, friendly and affordable tax service.
  • You don’t need to spend money on advertising, because your customers or clients will spread the news through word of their mouths.
  • Location, convenience and complete confident of my tax preparer.
  • Heritage was a great place. I would recommend it to anyone.
  • Thanks for being so nice.
  • Efficient, thorough, friendly and takes you in the appointed time.
  • Treat you like you are family and friends; do an excellent job, way beyond other tax preparer’s level of service.
  • The training, expertise and professionalism of the employees of Heritage Income Tax is beyond compare and well above the service provided by the other “box stores” that pop up during the Tax season. The preparers are proficient in all respects of tax preparation and we couldn’t be more pleased with the tax services.
  • Answered all questions….Honesty
  • I was satisfied with both the fee I paid and the service rendered which was above my expectation. Thank you.
  • Service – Prompt and courteous, answered all of our questions. We have been using Heritage for several years and will continue to do so. No problems with the IRS over the years.
  • It was a good experience.
  • Heritage Tax Service is the best place to have your taxes done. You receive fast, professional and great low price service. At heritage they treat you like family. May God continue to bless their business to grow.
  • Even after being audited by the IRS for the first time, Heritage professionals are willing to “go the extra mile” to help provide essential documentation that is necessary in this special circumstance. We felt confident and at peace through the whole situation and the way it was handled.
  • Heritage Tax Service has done my taxes and other member’s of my family for many year’s and will for years to come!!
  • In all the years that I have had the pleasure of using Heritage Services they have always provided the best service at the least cost to me always. Not only at tax time but when I have questions and need answers during the rest of the year they have always been there for me.
  • They treat you fair. I would tell everyone I can how well we were treated.
  • Interest and concern – friendly – great!! Always very helpful.
  • To be without worry regarding your taxes seek help from Heritage.
  • The whole Heritage group was so friendly, helpful and acted like Christian people. Thank you very much for your service and I will tell others about your services.
  • Continue doing what God had blessed you to do; which you are doing already!
  • Quick, professional and allowing the confidence that your returns are correct and optimal.
  • I have used Heritage Income Tax for many years and have always found the staff to be very courteous and professional.
  • I would recommend Heritage income Tax Services to my family, church members and friends.
  • I have used Heritage Tax Service for many years. Their professionalism at Heritage Tax Service have saved me more money than there fee each year, making them a true value!
  • The personal services at a reasonable price. Great tips for preparation for next tax year. Year around availability for questions.
  • Even though I didn’t always like the results of my returns, I do like the feeling that they were prepared in a professional manner by a very competent team that care.
  • I have been having Heritage Tax Service prepare my taxes for over six years and will not go to anyone else. I trust them and they are willing to go that extra step for their clients. They are accommodating on the hours of operation. Keep up the great job and see you next year!
  • If you want the best, Heritage can put your mind at rest.
  • Very friendly and very smart. I learn something every year.
  • What do I like the most about Heritage Income Tax? Prices and customer satisfaction.
  • I am glad I found out about Heritage income Tax.
  • The professionalism and one on one service (personalism), friendly atmosphere.
  • We were treated like special folks. We liked everyone from top to bottom! Great folks! We’ll see you all next year.
  • For fifty years I’ve done my taxes, also for my family and friends. I thought no one could do them like I could. Then 3 or 4 years ago, I took them to Heritage Tax Service, and I was hooked because Heritage did such a good job and all I did was to get all of my papers together. I didn’t have that anxious feeling! By the way, I was an accountant all of my working years.
  • Great service, comfortable experience.
  • Down to earth, homely environment. Professional, personable, caring, looking to do the best for me. Updates on what’s new and how to prepare in filing taxes.
  • Timeliness and value
  • Heritage Tax Service provides a quick, competent and efficient preparation of a tax return. The staff is warm and friendly. The office is located in a safe area and is easy to find.
  • If professionalism is what you’re looking for, Heritage is where you should go. We are made to feel more like old friends than clients and we look forward to tax time because we know that we are in good hands with Heritage. We’ve returned many years now and many people recommended people who may be more of a “bargain”. But we feel we have the best “bargain” money can buy with Heritage because they really care for their customers and we appreciate that.
  • We have been getting our taxes prepared here for many, many years. The service and professionalism has always been outstanding. We will continue to recommend Heritage to our family and friends.
  • Very professional and a good price.
  • From hello to goodbye you are made to feel at ease and everyone is so helpful and friendly.
  • Heritage has made us feel like a part of a family. Clean, friendly, they take time on your taxes and other questions. If they can, they come out and greet you. We felt so comfortable with them. Thanks. As along as they do taxes we will be back.
  • I have always been treated fairly, dealt with quickly, and have always gotten a friendly voice on the phone whenever I have called. My forms have always been filled out correctly and explained to me as needed. I have recommended friends and family to use their services.
  • EASY – just come on in – (wait) – got attended to right away. Everyone is polite and friendly – Southern Hospitality!!
  • The service is great and on time and saves myself a lot of time in preparing tax returns by saving the taxpayers headaches and energy. It is so efficient and worth the fee charged.
  • Heritage Tax has taken the uneasiness out of filing taxes.
  • They treat you like a friend instead of a client.
  • Out of all the tax places we experienced in the past, Heritage is the one place we will continue to use. The people and service have exceeded our expectations and we truly enjoyed the experience. It’s fast and very personable. We love being remembered every time we come in.
  • Trusting someone to do your taxes and have the highest confidence level that they are looking out for you. Heritage keeps up with all the latest laws and guides you on what you need to get the most back after working hard all year!
  • Fast, friendly and excellent service as well as convenient. I’ve been going there for as long as I moved here form Maryland. I recommend them to my friends and family.
  • Convenient, quick and professional at one half the price of other services.
  • Just like family.
  • Taken in on time – courteous and friendly, yet professional. Pricing was a determining factor as well; thank you for not gouging customers. We look forward to seeing you again next year.
  • I would recommend them heartily, for their professionalism, congeniality, and the way they make you feel at ease while preparing your taxes. They certainly make your visit to them a pleasant experience.
  • The same thing for the last three years – very sincere, polite and efficient.


  • I like the feeling that Michelle is there to serve me and she answers all questions in a relaxed and unhurried manner.
  • The care, consideration and professionalism. I also like Michelle’s attitude and her diligence to get our taxes done on time.
  • Michelle is so thorough and supportive. What a pleasant experience – for one that is not listed on my top 10 fun things to do.
  • I have been pleased to have Heritage Tax Service prepare my federal and state income tax returns for the past three years. The office atmosphere is pleasant. Fees are better than competitive when compared with local chains. Michelle Dail prepared my tax forms this year. She is friendly, professional and knowledgably answered my tax questions. For honest, reasonable tax services, I recommend Heritage.
  • Preparer (Michelle) was and seemed to be very friendly like you would expect from a person who deals directly with public. Now days some people forget that first impressions are never forgotten.
  • I liked the privacy of completing my taxes in her (Michelle’s) office.
  • The last few years we have been with (major CPA firm) and prior to that we went to (another major CPA). By far, Heritage (Michelle) been the best in working with us to find information that is needed.
  • The professionalism of Michelle Dail. She is very knowledgeable and very patient.
  • The personal attention I received and the knowledge and efficiency of Michelle, our tax preparer.
  • Michelle is an exceptionally nice person and makes each year better than the last.
  • Quick appointment time. Michelle is very professional but also friendly.
  • She’s very nice and professional (Michelle).
  • Excellent service, good conversation, best service in town – “Love” Michelle.
  • I have been doing my taxes with Michelle Dail at Heritage income Tax since tax year 1997 and I keep coming back religiously. She makes the experience very quick and easy and basically feels like a family member/close friend. I would refer anyone needing tax service to her and Heritage Tax Service, Inc.
  • Mrs. Dail is always very friendly and professional.
  • Dail is the best. Please keep her in the future. She is the one that always does our taxes. We love her. She is the best and is a real professional.
  • Michelle makes you feel really welcome.

Len Boush


  • I am made to feel that they care. Consideration is shown, professionalism is shown and I cannot as for more. Sincere thanks to Len.
  • Mr. Boush has always been very quick to prepare my taxes and is very helpful in giving me advice about what I need to do for next year’s taxes. That is why I keep coming back.
  • Len has been preparing my taxes for several years and we have had to deal with keeping rental properties, selling rental properties and my wife’s business at home. Every year he asks questions I would have no idea would matter but in most cases, they mean a larger refund to me. Just this year I got an extra $300.00 from a tax credit because we installed an energy star rated HVAC system in our house in 07. Who can’t use an extra $300.00?
  • Mr. Len Boush, I can’t thank him enough for all of his HELP. Thank you. You have been a God Send to me. You have been so much help to me in so many ways. May God bless you an yours.
  • We trust Len to provide excellent tax service.
  • Mr. Boush has been doing our returns for the last 5 yr. I would not go anywhere else.
  • Professionalism, Friendliness, accuracy and good advice from Len.
  • Mr. Len is very knowledgeable about the tax laws and my husband and I feel very confident about the service we receive. Thanks Heritage Tax Service.
  • Am very satisfied with Heritage’s Quality of service. I have complete trust in Mr. Boush’s capabilities.
  • The one on one service and the thoroughness that Len goes thru with my taxes.
  • I first met Len in 2001 when I called in answering his ad for tax service. He came to my house by appointment with his computer and printer, and I found he was very knowledgeable about taxes. He was courteous and very considerate about my concerns regarding my taxes. I know that I can count on him to be fair and honest and I will always go to him with my financial problems and taxes.
  • Attention to detail, and always remembers us by name. Len is very personable.
  • I would recommend to anyone to have you fine people at HERITAGE to file their taxes with Mr. Bush and all the fine people working with him.
  • Len Boush is a very nice gentleman with a lot of knowledge. I would tell other people to go to see him if you know nothing about taxes. Thank you to him and all his staff.
  • Mr. Len Boush (Heritage Tax Service) has prepared my tax returns for several years and has always treated my wife and myself with a lot of patience and taken the time to ask about all deductions that we would be eligible for. He has always done an excellent job for us and charged a reasonable rate for his work. My wife and I have been very satisfied all the years we have been customers.
  • Heritage Tax is a dependable, honest and convenient way to get your taxes accurately completed in a timely manner. Len has helped my other family members for years. I can remember him coming to fill my parents taxes out when I was very young. He has always been very professional and the best at his job.
  • Len’s wife – She is so sweet. Always wanting to help. I like the candy jar.
  • The best! Len is a hard working and a very decent person. Good people all around.
  • My brother went to school with Len and we trust him and his staff. It takes the stress away from us not having to do our own taxes and they are always done immediately with professionalism. I recommend them to my friends.
  • We liked the fact that Len made sure we got every possible deduction and has always seemed to do what was in our best interest. He more than happily answers your questions and puts all our worries to rest. We have always enjoyed the professionalism displayed by Len and all the other staff members, and that keeps us coming back.
  • We have always felt very comfortable with Len and he would take his time answering all questions.
  • We could not imagine a more courteous, hospitable tax service than Heritage (Len and his wife). We heartily recommend Heritage Tax Service to our many friends and acquaintances!
  • The Bushes are truly concerned about the clients and try to do the best for them.
  • For a first time recipient of a professional tax preparer, I was very pleased with the experience and thoughtful approach. I felt very confident in the completed procedure. Since my late husband always filed our taxes each year, I had to seek an expert so I chose Heritage Income Tax Service. Mr. Boush and his wife, the receptionist, made me feel very comfortable and at ease. I would recommend them.
  • When I walked in the door a nice ladie (Debbie Boush) greeted me. I didn’t even schedule an appointment but within 10 minutes Mr. Len gave me assistance. Mr. Len is a real professional. I was in and out and I look forward to getting my income taxes done at heritage for years to come. THANK YOU.
  • They were very friendly and willing to help in any way possible. I really liked how Len took the time to explain everything he did to u. It made the whole tax process much more understandable.

Overall results of specific questions asked of ALL of our clients:

All questions were asked for a response on a scale of one to ten, with one being the worst and ten being the best.

How would you rate you overall experience at Heritage Income Tax Service, Inc.?

Overall average response: 9.85

How would you rate our receptionist?

Overall average response: 9.64

How would you rate the value of the fee you paid compared to the service(s) you received?

Overall average response: 9.28

How would you rate your tax preparer for SERVICE?

Overall average response: 9.89

How would you rate your tax preparer for COMPETENTCY?

Overall average response: 9.93

How would you rate your tax preparer for PROFESSIONALISM?

Overall average response: 9.87


We particularly want to thank all of the many clients who either have to make a bit of a drive or mail their tax materials to us for preparation! Almost one-half of our clients do not live in Portsmouth or even in the contiguous zip codes of Chesapeake. Yet they feel it is worth their time and expense to spend time on the road to come see us. We think that makes them really special!



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