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My thoughts on Drake Software

Just my 2 cents worth about Drake Software:


Drake is an all encompassing one time $1595 ($1095 early purchase or renewal) and there are NO e-file fees or any other fees of any kind.  Pay the “one time” fee per year and NEVER pay another penny for anything.  The single fee includes ALL of the following:

1. Software for individual, corporation, partnership, gift tax, exempt organizations, estates, and fiduciary returns as well as all states.


2.  The software can be used by as many preparers as are in one office at one location and is easily networked.

3. A write up program

4. A document manager program

5. A client status manager program

6. An appointment scheduler program

7. A free web site

8. A fantastic web based user forum that is very active

9. The best customer service I have ever experienced with any company using any product of any kind.  Having said that, our entire staff only averages a total of 2 or 3 calls per year so we rarely ever have to use the customer service.  On that rare occasion when it is needed, it is really nice to know that you NEVER get voice mail and 99.9% of the time you get a solution within minutes on the first call.


And once again, ALL of the above is included in the “one time” annual fee.  NO extras!

There is also a new option available that I have just started using this year.  Drake has a separate company called SecureFilePro.com which integrates with Drake Software in order to provide a secure way to share files with clients.  So far, I really love it.  Now, that does cost an extra $10 a month but it is well worth it to me.


I bought a business 11 years ago that was already using Drake and I hated it. At the end of the first season, I made it my goal to find a better alternative at a reasonable price and would not have minded paying even a little more. After testing at least a half dozen other programs, I decided to put up with Drake just one more season. Over the years, through a combination of Drake making massive improvements and my getting used to using it, I have gone from hating Drake to being a big fan.

Don’t get me wrong. Drake still has its problems and its issues but that is true of any program and of any company. At this point in time, it would take an incredible improvement of some kind to get me to ever leave Drake. I do highly recommend it to anyone.

For smaller volume preparers, Drake has two options.  First, there is a Pay Per Return program.  Secondly, Drake has an online program for professionals only that costs as low as $9.95 per return as an all inclusive cost. The website for that program is http://drakezero.com/.  I have never used either of these so cannot comment on them any further.

Having said all of that, different software may be better for different types of practices. Drake just happens to work for me.
I am not affiliated with Drake in any way except as a satisfied user and receive NO compensation for this recommendation.

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