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I am thinking of such helpful IRS innovations as the Wrong Answer Hotline, wherein, if you’re having trouble understanding a section of the IRS Secret Tax Code, all you have to do is call the IRS Taxpayer Assistance Program, and in a matter of seconds, thanks to computerized electronics, you are placed on hold for several hours before finally being connected to trained IRS personnel dispensing tax advice that is statistically no more likely to be correct than if you asked Buster the Wonder Horse to indicate the answer by stomping it in the dirt.  – Dave Barry

My added note  – I recall many years ago when I was brand new in the tax business, I used to call the IRS and ask questions.  I learned very quickly that, if I didn’t know the naswer to a question, they very rarely did either.  I further learned that if I called the IRS 5 times, I would get 5 different answers to the same question.

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